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by Horizon Wireless

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Fly me to the sun Let me play among the flames I'm burning up
Touchdown, Liftoff, Touchdown Do you really wanna? Doesn't matter cause we're gonna Fasten up your seatbelt, we're all gonna leave now Rock to rock this spaceship won't stop till we reach the spot whether life is there or not Everybody get up, we are gonna get down Planet hop (x3), doo doo doo
Surfing through a soundwave, crashing on the shore I survived Pinch myself so I know it's real and I'm alive Man it tickles I'm in a pickle, I can't tell what's real and what is not But one thing I know for sure is that this beat is fucking hot
Beautiful girls can make you dizzy, they can make you feel high Beautiful girls will make you dizzy, yeah they'll make you feel high, high Stars in your eyes, hula hoop round your thighs, we'll be dancing all night With our thoughts interlocked our breathe is getting hot, we'll dance the night away We'll dance the night away, light up the moon and save the day, the world's ending anyway and we've said all that we have left to say We'll dance the night away, light up the moon and save the day, the world's ending anyway and I'll always remember us this way
Everybody sing along now, don't you feel that thumping through your feet Moving your body like a cyclone, sub-alien funk beneath your wings And we'll travel the highest mountains, and as we cross across the seven seas We'll realize that Christ is conscience, and we have to see in order to see Traveling through a black hole, hope I don't lose my soul Traveling through a black hole, hope I find my way back home Just sit back, try to relax Use some tact, your mind's out of whack
I know you're an alien. Do you think that matters to me?


This is the debut original record by NYC based Producer/Drummer duo Horizon Wireless.


released December 15, 2019

Music & Lyrics: Harrison Waxenberg
Vocals: Harrison & Chelsea Waxenberg
Drums: Dan Lyons
Guitar: Jack Willard & Tom Groove
Mixing Engineers: Jesse Miller, Mikhail Bessmertny, Alfred Rylands
Mastering Engineer: Ian Stewart


all rights reserved



Horizon Wireless New York, New York

Horizon Wireless blends psychedelic break-beat music with a variety of other styles including trip-hop, minimal tech-funk, and psy-breaks to create high energy and soulful dance sets. Seamlessly using elements from all across the sound spectrum, unique mixes are woven together through each show, creating a storm of soul smashing beats, titillating harmonies, and wet melodies. ... more

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